Sumava hotel and restaurant in Susice city on the bank of river Otava.

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Hotel Fuferna

250 CZK / bed / night

The non-smoking hotel Fuferna fulfills the dream of many visitors. Located directly on the banks of comely river Otava and in the heart of the royal town Susice. We offer accommodation capacity of 20 beds in four attic rooms and two rooms on the ground floor. It is possible, by agreement, customize number of beds in a room to your wishes (if permitted by the size of the room). All our rooms are equipped with private shower and toilet.

For families with children

Fuferna Hotel is a great choice for families with children. It is part of the urban park Luh, which is also used by local families for walks and fun - in Luh you can find for example educational trail with animals, educational trail called cobweb and there is a bicycle path that its disposition (a relatively small amount of turns, only a slight incline, etc. .) allows pleasant ride a bike or skates also to small children. In the vicinity of our hotel is a beautiful large playground, which your child will love. For the youngest kids we have prepared little bed for rent and of course the highchair.

For athletes and schoolchildren

Hotel Fuferna is suitable for short or long sports stays, sports camps and school trips. We offer for use a wide range of sports facilities in the adjacent sports area (more information you can find in the section sports facilities).
Less demanding clients can take advantage of cheaper offer accommodation in a hostel in the tribune sports complex (see the section hostel at the stadium).

Hotel Fuferna Tour

Here you can view each rooms at Fuferna:

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Room no. 2
Room no. 3
Room no. 4
Room no. 5
Room no. 6
Common room